Exterior Styling Options

We help you design the perfect campervan

Be Different

At Sterling, the exterior styling of a campervan is just as important as the interior. Customising the van’s exterior styling with a bodykit, wheels and graphics are an excellent way to give it a unique and stylish look.

There are endless combination of wheels and graphics to make your campervan unique to you.

Wether you want the stealthy look or fully customised we have the solution.

Our in-house Design team are able to create 3D renders that will enable you to visualise your specification before the build commences.

We have a range of wheels, bodykits and graphics that are designed and fitted in house by our trained technicians. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure your campervan is protected from the elements and looks great too!

Whatever you choose, we guarantee your satisfaction; all parts come with an extensive warranty to give you peace of mind.

So don’t wait any longer – get creative and start customising your dream campervan today!

Body Styling Kits

Do you want your campervan to stand out from the rest?

This is our exclusive Body Kit for the Transit Custom. Designed and manufactured by Sterling and unique to our campervans. Manufactured from strong automotive plastics ensures that it will last the lifetime of the vehicle.

The Sterling body kit comprises of:

  • Extended And Exaggerated Front Vent Surrounds With Incorporated Splitter Elements
  • Redesigned Fog Light Surrounds
  • Aerodynamic Two-Piece Split Roof Wing
  • Raptor Grille

We have our own paint facility to ensure our kits are colour matched and finished to perfection.


Campervans offer a unique way to explore the great outdoors. Whether you’re planning an extended road trip or just a weekend getaway, having the right set of wheels and tyres is essential for getting around in style and comfort. At Sterling, we understand that every campervan enthusiast has different needs and preferences. Our most common options are 18″ or 20″ alloys with road based tyres or specialised off-road tires for tackling more rugged terrain. We stock a large selection of wheels or we can source a particular wheel of your choice if required. We also have an in-house Wheel Lab and are able to powder coat wheels in any colour or diamond cut design.

Custom Graphics

We have a very distinctive branding style on our Sterling campervans. This can be selected in a bold contrasting colour or body matched to be more discreet. Whatever your choice, we can create a 3D visualisation before you commit to the final design.


If you’re looking to add a few other extras to your campervan exterior, we can provide awnings, roof bars, side steps and additional lighting that are all engineered for maximum durability and strength.